The Roof Raising Process

The Roof Raising Process

Information Gathering and Qualification

It all starts with a conversation. What are you looking to get out of a space? Tell us about your ideas, your goals, and your needs. We know you're not a structural engineer, but if you're focused and inquisitive we want to work with you. We'll ask for some basic information about the building and if any existing drawings are available.

Budgetary Estimate and Proposal

Generally a Budget Number can be furnished within a few days, giving you fast insight to the feasibility of the project. We also work with you to help budget other costs involved, such as for demo, masonry work, siding, & MEP. ISE is here to be your guide.  

Site visit & Contract Proposal

For clients interested beyond a budget number, an ISE certified Estimator will visit the site to review the structure and answer any questions you may have. Site visits allow us to dial in on a thoroughly detailed scope of work, and are available for a small fee that is credited towards the price if a contract is agreed upon.

Delivery of Engineered Drawings

With a contract in place, our combination in-house drafting team and consulting engineers get  to work on plans for the new & improved space. ISE works with a variety of highly respected engineering firms, supplying progress drawings along the way on request. The result is a set of PE Signed and Sealed Roof Raising plans.


Once permits are obtained, we mobilize with intent to stay on schedule, on budget. If you're building is occupied, we meet with you and your facility managers to ensure our team does not interfere with operations. We go out of our way to work together, including working off-hours/second shift and Saturdays if required.    

Roof Raised

The literal high point of the project, "Lift Day" is an event for all. We're happy to get you and your team hard hats and a tour around the building, giving 40 years of insight into how it's done. Our team loves sharing this one of a kind experience with our customers. Take a look at some of our time lapse videos for a better understanding.

Finished Envelope

Once the Roof is Raised, the project isn't finished & neither is our job. Unlike competitors, we care about more than just lifting the roof; we care about the newly created space underneath. With this philosophy, if we don't do everything in our power to help our customers complete their vision, we feel we have failed. We provide options for sub structure and siding, and we continue to work with you in obtaining a water tight envelope, even if it is simply in an advisory role. 

Next Project/Steps

Once your goals have been achieved, we ask to stay in touch to better understand the impact that Roof Raising has on both clients and communities. Creating new value out of previously under-estimated spaces is what we do, and hearing those success stories after we are gone helps us understand if we are accomplishing the goals set by our core values. Experience our process once, and we trust that you'll be looking for your next Roof to Raise shortly after!

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In 1976 Industrial Services Enterprises developed and patented the first commercial roof raising system in the United States in response to a client's request for more headroom in his building....
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